The First Talent Match Northants Residential!

Tuesday 31st May signalled the beginning of the first Talent Match Northants residential.
Rock ClimbingAt just after 3pm in the afternoon we arrived with 9 young people at Adventure Ways in Moulton, anticipating three action packed days ahead.

Unfortunately we were met with terrible weather but this didn’t dampen spirits. After kit was stowed away everyone was hurried on to a minibus to be taken to Benham Sports Centre for some indoor rock climbing.

Not everyone reached the top of the wall but they all managed to achieve their own personal milestones.

After an hour of climbing we all headed back to the site for some delicious home made pizza followed by a relaxing evening of film watching in our tents.

ArcheryOnce breakfast had been consumed, day two’s activities began with a session of Archery. Afterwards, we were introduced to some team building and leadership exercises in the form of The Crate Challenge and Jacob’s Ladder.

The Crate Challenge required everyone to work together as a team to try and construct the highest tower they could; meaning  that communication and team work were a high priority.

Jacob’s Ladder pushed everyone to their limits but everyone gave it a go and the result was extremely rewarding for all.

In the afternoon we were met with more miserable weather. This didn’t stop us though, and an hour of intense Arrow Tag still went ahead.

Once we had finished, it was safe to say that everyone was ready to dry off and enjoy the amazing barbecue for dinner. The evening was then used to unwind and relax with some games of pool and some more films.

The final day soon came around and these were just two activities left. The morning kicked off with a few hours of Katacanoeing on the River Nene. Fortunately the weather held out and we were even witness to the first bit of sun we had seen all week!

Once we were back lunch was served and was followed by the final activity; the Leap of Faith!

The object being to climb atop a tall tower and jump for a trapeze suspended high above the ground! Don’t worry though, everyone was safely harnessed.

This activity, as with all the others, took everyone out of their comfort zone, providing them with new experiences and significant barriers to overcome.

All in all the residential was a great success and was enjoyed by all. Hopefully this was the first of many…