Adam’s Talent Match Story

“Before Talent Match I was extremely shy and nervous around people, I felt very lonely and there were some major issues surrounding my mental health. This had been the case for many years and it felt as if there was no hope for me, I needed someone to open up to and I didn’t feel like I knew anyone that I was comfortable talking to. I knew that I had some potential to achieve my dreams but lacked the belief in myself, as well as confidence.

AdamJoining Talent Match was the best thing to happen in my life, once I started to meet with my Champion and built up a good relationship I started to feel more able to talk about issues affecting me, and my Champion was able to massively help me with some of the issues.

I also received information, advice and guidance (IAG) from a lovely person called Charlotte who, alongside my Champion, helped me create an action plan with clear steps on how to get to my end goal of going to university.

Although my journey so far on Talent Match has been long the support I received has all been vital in giving me the belief in myself I once lacked and the dream of going to university, which once seemed impossible, is now a reality.

More recently I’ve been working with a new Champion who has been helping me with preparing to leave for university and, whilst I had secured a place, I was still extremely nervous about going, however thanks to my Champion this is no longer the case. The new Champion has also been brilliant at dealing with all of the issues that still affect me today.

As well as the support I’ve made some wonderful friends which has also been essential.

AdamTalent match is a very unique project because they address issues that are
not always obvious in preventing people from achieving what they want whether it’s a job or in my case further education is not always a lack of ability or qualifications or work experience but instead a lack of belief in yourself, or motivation. At Talent Match you get to meet somebody on a 1-1 basis for support that is tailored to your needs.

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