Amy’s Story

Amy 1Amy lives in Kettering and had been out of work for more than five years before meeting the Talent Match team.

She had been working as a volunteer at a local charity shop. But she seemed unable to make the transition into paid work due to a lack of confidence and self belief.

Things changed for Amy when her Jobcentre Plus Advisor put her in touch with the Talent Match team.

Amy joined the programme and started getting involved in the project’s Challenge Group. Here she started meeting new people and got involved in the group activities.

Amy said, “The reason I joined Talent Match is that its purpose is to help people reach their goals. They’ve helped me big time to get closer to my dream goal and have boosted my confidence.”

Once she had settled in, Amy decided it was time to start doing something for herself, so with the help of her Talent Match Champion she started working on her own goals and aspirations.

Amy said, “You’re able to speak to your Champion in confidence, knowing that they won’t pass it on unless they have to as they have your best interest at heart. It is fun, happy environment to be within and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

She signed-up to a series of workshops led by the project’s Talent Match Champions aimed at addressing issues like low self esteem, self worth and confidence.

This gave Amy another boost and her confidence continued to grow. She arranged meetings with the project’s Careers Adviser. It was through these meetings that Amy realised she wanted to go into retail as she really enjoyed it.

With the help of her Talent Match Champion, Amy attended five job interviews whilst on the project. These led to two job offers! Amy has now started a Retail Apprenticeship with a small family business.

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