Bobby’s Story

IMG_0821Bobby, a young person from Wellingborough, is now working his way towards a career in the health and fitness industry.

He joined Talent Match back in December 2014 after realising that he required some extra support and guidance to help him find employment in a role he was passionate about.

After a few months of being on our programme, Bobby secured employment at The Pemberton Centre in Rushden as a Leisure Assistant. He saw this role as the perfect stepping stone for his career, where he intends to become a Personal Trainer.

Bobby has been outspoken about the support he received from our project, giving speeches at our awards ceremony and also live on the radio!

When speaking about his time on Talent Match, he had this to say:

“Today I can honestly say I’m proud of myself. I’m starting to establish and prove myself at work, and I love working, I love the environment and my colleagues. And for the first time in 4 years I can say I’m actually happy; properly and truly happy and that is a big weight that seems to have been lifted. And a main contributing factor to my wellbeing is Talent Match.

When I first joined talent match I had just come off a work experience placement due to ill health, which also finished the previous work experience placement. So obviously something was wrong and I was subsequently referred to Talent Match; and that’s when things started to change.

Dan has been a huge laugh for me and a great friend as we share very similar tastes with music and books and we can’t half rock out when we want to! Josh, again very similarly, shares many similar interests and has also been a bedrock of knowledge when random conversations occur. But he has also informed me of many opportunities in which I could express myself.

Finally there’s Rachel my TMC. She has been my rock in finding employment and without her I don’t think I could’ve gotten where I am today. She constantly looked high and low for the perfect opportunity for me, and she did with the first job she found for me. There aren’t too many compassionate and caring people you’ll meet than Rachel as she’ll never give up, never give in, and when the job’s done it’s not goodbye; she’ll keep in contact, hoping to talk at every possible moment.

What Talent Match have done for me over the past 4 months has been unbelievable; I cannot thank them enough. They have given me credit for what I’ve done, but now it’s their turn to accept the credit they all richly deserve, thank you for all you’ve done”.

We also managed to catch up with his new employer. Shane, from The Pemberton Centre, shared his praise for Bobby:

“When we go through our recruitment process we are always looking out for individuals that show potential to grow, both personally and professionally. To substantiate this I refer to one of our latest recruits, Mr Bobby Mutch. We recently employed Bobby in the post of Leisure Assistant. Bobby showed enthusiasm and a great willingness to develop when interviewed. He already had a number of traits that we look for and we felt that with the correct support and guidance Bobby could develop greater value to the Centre.

Bobby has embraced his new role and we have enrolled him on a Leisure Operations course to further enhance his understanding of the industry. We have also enrolled him on an Exercise on Referral course to further his fitness qualifications and increase his pathway options within the Centre. It is important for us to ensure that staff feel that they can develop; increasing their value, without the need to move on.

The Leisure industry has always been a keen employer of young people. There are a number of different pathways that individuals can follow; from fitness instructing to lifeguarding and coaching to management. This industry is a great place for you to find your niche as long as you have a willingness to work with the public and are prepared to put the effort in. These are just examples that someone with the right attitude and maturity can explore within this fast moving and ever changing environment.”

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