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Talent Match is a really good work program to be on. We went to NEC to see how the BBC news programs work. You always up for laugh when you go to the office in Wellingborough with Rachel Josh & Daniel. I am glad I've joined Talent Match I have so many friendships with different people on other Talent Match Kettering.

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I cannot say how much I enjoyed it (the BBC Masterclass through Media Trust) and I'm so thankful that the Talent Match Northants team pushed me to go for it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity if it wasn't for them.

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The reason I joined Talent Match is that its purpose is to help people reach their goals. They’ve helped me big time to get closer to my dream goal and have boosted my confidence."

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Well thanks to Talent Match they have made me think about what I can really do and not what I think I can do.

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I am backing Talent Match Northamptonshire in its efforts to provide local employers with the employees they need and to help young people get a foothold in the world of work and all that it can offer. Please get involved!

Philip Hollobone MP Kettering   
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Talent match is a really good program when I go to the office in Wellingborough we always having laugh along the way.

Cameron Coates   

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