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Molly Beard : Champion

Molly Beard

Hello. I’m Molly, I’m 21 years old and a Talent Match Champion in Kettering. I joined the team in November 2017 and already feel at home. I live in Wellingborough with my boyfriend and in my spare time I enjoy watching films, being creative and walking…sadly having to give Snowdon a miss this year. I enjoy the aspects of my role that mean I get to interact with a variety of different people and being able to cater the ways you can best help  them individually.
Champion email: molly@enable.uk.net | phone: 07496 638827

Emma Hatcher : Champion

Emma Hatcher

Hello my name is Emma Hatcher, I am 22 years old and I enjoy watching films, my favourite genres are mythology and comedy. I also like to spend my time doing some colouring or listening to music. I am excited to be part of such a great team and support such amazing young people!
Champion email: emma.hatcher@maydaytrust.org.uk | phone: 07802 679867

Ceidleigh Flynn : Administrator

Ceidleigh Flynn

Hey there! My name's Ceidleigh (it's pronounced Kaylee!) and I joined the team in February 2017.  As a previous beneficiary I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the team. A fair portion of my job is taking care of our Facebook page and our Twitter profile, so check them out! I'm passionate about gaming in all its forms (especially of the video and board variety) and comic books and am always up for a game of Dungeons & Dragons.
Administrator email: ceidleigh@enable.uk.net | phone: 01933 275924

Josh Crisp-Hihn : Champion Team Leader

Josh Crisp-Hihn

Hi my name is Josh and I am someone who is happiest when I am active and enjoy all sports, generally spending time outdoors and in essence being a big kid. I love both listening to and playing music and have taught myself the guitar and piano over recent years. I’m a bit of a coffee snob but always happy to have a chat and put the world to rights over a hot drink.
Champion Team Leader email: josh@enable.uk.net | phone: 07496 638277

Teri Harris : Champion

Teri Harris

Hi my name is Teri and I joined Talent Match in November 2016. I am 26 years old and have a wonderful son. I enjoy cross stitching and baking. I look forward to my future with Talent Match and the amazing people that I am going to meet.
Champion email: teri.harris@maydaytrust.org.uk | phone: 07891 320000

Shannon Dooley : Champion

Shannon Dooley

Hi I'm Shannon, I joined the Kettering team in February 2017 after working in Pharmacy for 4 years. I live at home in Corby with my mum and my dog who is my furry version of a child! I have a fond ear for drum and bass and plan to go to as many events and festival's as possible this year but any other free time I like socialising with friend's. I am looking forward to helping and meeting new people in my new job role.
Champion email: shannon@enable.uk.net | phone: 07496 638418

Kayleigh Cortis : Champion

Kayleigh Cortis

I'm 23 years old. I have a lovely bubbly daughter and an energetic Corgi puppy called Luna (totally named after the Harry Potter). I love watching movies, Harry potter and Alice in Wonderland are my favourites but I like the superhero movies too. Really love reading and nearly always have a book in my bag! When I get a bit of free time I like going on family walks. I look forward to an exciting and fun role as a Talent Match Champion.
Champion email: kayleigh@enable.uk.net | phone: 07496 638428

Josh Benn : Champion Team Leader

Josh Benn

I’m 30 years old, and live in Rushden with my wife Rosie. I’m a bit of a geek, I love Doctor Who and comic books!  But I’m also a rugby fan, who can even occasionally be convinced to lace up my boots for a kickabout!
Champion Team Leader email: josh.benn@maydaytrust.org.uk | phone: 07816 603 838

Alexis McLeod : Project Coordinator

Alexis McLeod

Hi! I’m Alexis, and I’m the coordinator for Talent Match in Northamptonshire. I was the first member to join the team back in 2014, but I’ve worked for Enable for nearly 10 years! Its my job to oversee the project in Northamptonshire, and make sure everyone on the programme gets the best help they can from us. I’m based in the Wellingborough office and don’t get out much, so if you see me, come over and say hello! I’m always keen to hear about peoples experiences of the project and to hear what they get up to!
Project Coordinator email: alexis@enable.uk.net | phone: 01933 275924

Charlotte Seal : Information, Advice & Guidance Coordinator

Charlotte Seal

(Currently on Maternity Leave) I am Charlotte and I joined the existing Talent Match team in August 2015. I work part time as an Advice and Guidance Coordinator for this project. I have always worked with young people in a variety of settings; these positions have given me the opportunity to work with young people to achieve a life style that maximises their wellbeing and life opportunities.  In my spare time I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and friends.
Information, Advice & Guidance Coordinator email: charlotte@enable.uk.net | phone: 07495 259 306

Sasha Flanagan : CIAG Co-ordinator

Sasha Flanagan

I am Sasha and I joined Talent Match in August 2015. I have 14+ years experience in the Careers/Employability sector and I am passionate about helping young people to find their way in life, through meaningful work or training. In my spare time, I love getting creative by making jewellery, crocheting, painting, drawing and trying out any new craft that comes my way! I enjoy travelling, watching historical/medieval dramas’, paddling in the sea, eating chocolate and listening/dancing/badly singing to music.  
CIAG Co-ordinator email: sasha@enable.uk.net | phone: 01933 275924

Hannah Adderley : Project Officer

Hannah Adderley

I joined Talent Match in 2014 so have had the privilege of seeing many of the people we help grow in confidence and move their journey forwards. I’m keen that we report this success far and wide and part of my role as Project Officer is ensuring that we have all the facts and figures to be able to do this!  In my spare time I enjoy growing my own veg and going on camping trips.
Project Officer email: hannah@enable.uk.net | phone: 01933 275 924

Paul Randall : Communications Officer

Paul Randall

I'm  Communications Officer for Enable (the lead partner organisation for Talent Match Northamptonshire). I look after the website,  create printed materials (eg flyers, banners and leaflets). I’m supporting the Talent Match Team with anything else to do with communications and the brand. I'm based in Nottingham and almost all my spare time is spent with my family. I enjoy the outdoor life, cycling, motorbikes and drinking tea.
Communications Officer email: paul@enable.uk.net | phone: 0115 934 8448

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