Young woman in an office smilingYoung people living in socially and economically deprived areas are some of the most disadvantaged and hardest to help. With support, however they can move closer to a sustainable job or career.

A high proportion of 18 to 24 year olds have not engaged in any type of work or training in the past 12 months. Some are not claiming benefits, which makes them more difficult to access.

Talent Match Northamptonshire was formed to pinpoint and focus on these young people, especially those that face the biggest barriers such as disabilities, caring responsibilities or learning difficulties. Talent Match Northamptonshire provides them with better prospects, leading to opportunities that can guide them to a brighter future.

Find out more and download our Talent Match Northamptonshire Employer Leaflet

What are the benefits to employers?

“I hope Talent Match will help other young people to overcome barriers in finding jobs with a future that are challenging and worthwhile. There’s a real shortage of jobs that offer extra training and career growth which many young people really need. I want Talent Match to make it easier for young people to find aspirational jobs where they can develop their skills and better prospects for the future.

“I am backing Talent Match Northamptonshire in its efforts to provide local employers with the employees they need and to help young people get a foothold in the world of work and all that it can offer. Please get involved!”

Philip Hollobone MP Kettering 

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