It’s A Mystery 2…

On Wednesday 24th February, a party of 6 young people from Talent Match Northants embarked upon the 2nd in our series of mystery tours.

As with the trip to the Northampton Saints, the group had no idea of their destination.

They were picked up and taken to the Park Farm Industrial Estate in Wellingborough, where they pulled up outside of a very unassuming building with the company name written in large letters across the front; Nimlok.

Young people on a tour of NimlokAt first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that this was just another factory; that the young people were going to be trudging around a large uninteresting warehouse, but what they found inside was far from what they expected…

They were immediately immersed in the modern and stylish nature that projects itself from a company well-renowned in creating lavish display stands for companies across the UK and overseas.

It was far from their initial expectations. They were shown all the elements that go into creating one of these stands; from carpenters to paint-sprayers, to graphic designers and sewing machinists.

To the astonishment of the group, they discovered that Nimlok employed a game design team, tasked with creating interactive gaming stations to attract people to the displays.

The tour lasted an hour and had succeeded in opening the eyes of the young people to the variety of jobs that are required for a business like Nimlok to run.

We are continuing to plan more mystery tours across the course of this year to continue to educate and inform our young people with the world of work and industry.