TM Logo!
Commentator in the making...
Kettering Champs having fun at our Celebration Event 2017!
Challenge Group away day!
Having a go at painting & decorating
Amy enjoying her Apprenticeship!
BBC at the Skills Show
Wellingborough Champions!
Raft racing!
At a Job's Fair
Kettering Champions!
Jake on his mechanic apprenticeship
TM team building with TM Staffs!
Learning new skills
Reaching new heights
A bit of climbing...
Getting behind the camera!
Fun at the dome!
Starting a new job
Claudia leading the Challenge Group
TM Team Building
A trip to Rockingham Speedway
Rachel giving information about TM
Birthday treats!
TM at the Skills Show!
Visit to the Saints
Claudia and Tay showing off Talent Match!
Different jobs on display
Community BBQ
Reporter in the making!
One to one mentoring...
Discussion with the Mayor




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