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We got in touch with a mechanics in Wellingborough called T & D Autos after Jake, a young person on the programme, told us about his aspiration to become a car mechanic. They were really positive about supporting young people on Talent Match and were happy to offer work experience.

Nathan Easter, the owner of T & D Autos, had experienced past difficulties of his own in finding employment and wanted to provide an opportunity for Jake to build his skills and hopefully find his dream job.

He saw Jake’s eagerness to learn about mechanics and was convinced that he should be given an opportunity to achieve his goal.

Nathan decided to offer Jake full-time employment as an apprentice before he had completed 2 weeks of the work placement.

We interviewed Nathan about his experience with Talent Match and the success he had in finding a great young person to join T & D Autos. This is what he had to say:

Why did you get involved with Talent Match?

They rang me up and asked me if I’d be interested in taking on young people so I thought yeah, I’d give it a go. They came forward with Jake and I took him on a work experience placement and have now taken him on as an apprentice.

Why do you think it’s important to support young people?

Everybody was young once and not everybody has had a perfect past and I think that reflects on the start they make in life is not always the best one and it drags behind them and can affect the way they can get a job because they’ve had a bit of a sticky past or anything like that. I think everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and get on with life.

How are Apprenticeships beneficial to your business and a young person?

It brings young blood into the trade because if you don’t get an apprentice you have to rely on older people who want to work and if you don’t get an apprentice, don’t train anybody up in the industry then obviously you’re going to lose labourers because you need to keep training people to keep the trade going.

What convinced you to offer Jake this opportunity?

He came across well, he knew a bit about the job, he didn’t know everything but he knew quite a lot about the job already and he is good with the customers, he can answer the telephone and he can do the work that I give him, even if it is a bit challenging. He gets on with it and if he’s not sure then he asks. Basically, if I had another 10 of him then I’d be grateful, because he is really, really good. There is going to be a permanent job for him at the end of it.

Would you promote Talent Match to other employers?

I’d definitely recommend Talent Match, if anybody ever asked me to find an apprentice for any trade then I would definitely put Talent Match’s name forward and say give them a call, see if they can help you.

Would you consider offering any more opportunities through Talent Match?

Yes definitely, 100%. As long as they’re as keen as he (Jake) and as good as he is then yes, no problem.

Any other comments?

Thanks for the opportunity for me to have somebody like Jake.


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