Arrow Tag, Bushcraft & an Xmas Dinner

On Friday 27th November, young people and staff convened at the Nene White Water Centre in Northampton for the final away day of the year.






The itinerary  included Arrow Tag and Bushcraft finished off with a large Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings.

Both activities relied on the young people working in teams to achieve a common goal. Groups were split in two for Arrow Tag and, after being given a short brief, were put up against each other firing foam tipped arrows.

Bushcraft required everyone to put their crafting skills to good use
by building tents and lighting a campfire. Expert advice given by the qualified instructor provided the knowledge needed and the teams set to work making their shelters.

After a number of hours surviving the cold and harsh wind, a delicious Christmas Dinner was laid out for everyone to indulge themselves and get some energy back after a tiring but enjoyable day.