Case Studies

We love to share the amazing stories that the young people on have experienced through Talent Match and we hope you enjoy reading them!

We celebrate all the accomplishments and successes made through the programme, whether that’s gaining employment or progressing in other ways.

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Amy Website 1


Amy’s Talent Match Experience – “The reason I joined Talent Match is that its purpose is to help people reach their goals”





Bobby’s Talent Match Story – “For the first time in 4 years I can say I’m actually happy…And a main contributing factor to my wellbeing is Talent Match”





Gemma’s Talent Match Journey – “Without the help from Talent Match I wouldn’t be working at Aldi!”






Jake’s Talent Match Journey – “Talent Match has helped me pursue a career and the perfect opportunity for me. I would like to thank everyone who is involved…”




Adam 3


Adam’s Pathway to University – “Joining Talent Match was the best thing to happen in my life…my Champion was able to massively help me…”

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