Community Work

A few months back the Challenge Group decided to cast off some negative views that society has about young people and do something to support their community.

They came up with a great idea to offer local community centres their support by decorating, gardening or any other activity that would help.

On the 16th April they got together, donned some scruffy clothes, dusted off their paint brushes and started painting a room in the Victoria Centre!

Afterwards Katrina, the centre manager, had this to say:

“As a busy Community Centre, finding the time and finances without project funding to renovate areas of the building is always a difficult task. Victoria Centre was thrilled to be offered Talent Match’s time and resources to redecorate our ladies toilet facilities. The group were well organised and fun to have around, they did an amazing job, even buying plants to give a “finished” look. So many user groups have commented on how gorgeous the room looks, giving staff and centre users a new energy to continue with the redecoration in other areas of the building. An arts & craft session will be next on the list to let the group’s creative juices flow and create some artwork to enhance the walls.

Talent Match should be incredibly proud of their achievements and we can’t thank them enough. We look forward to working with them in the future.”